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    SQL Developer bug or incompatability with JDev  Extension SDK

      Rechecked this bug/incompatibility/issue using the latest Sql Developer version and still can't get it to work.


      These are the two previous threads I posted about 1 1/2 years ago.

      Re: SQL Developer bug or incompatability with JDev 12.1.2 Extension SDK

      SQL Developer bug or incompatibility with JDev 12.1.3 or Extension SDK


      All of the relevant details are in those posts but the basics are these:


      The basic issue is this: A slightly modified version of the FirstSample extension that is included in the extension SDK works properly in JDeveloper 12.1.2 and 12.1.3 but does NOT work properly in Sql Developer This is on Windows XP SP3 - 32 bit using JDK 1.8.0_20


      Submenus and submenu items added to a context menu do NOT display in sql developer but do display in JDev.


      Individual items added to a context menu work properly but submenus do not.


      This is what displays in JDeveloper 12.1.2


      This is what displays in Sql Developer

      The 'CustomSubMenu is missing so its two child menu items are also missing.


      Installation consisted of putting the SAME jar file, oracle.ide.extsamples.first.jar, in the top-level 'dropins' folder for each product.


      The ONLY file changed for that 'firstsample' project was the extensions.xml file. All of the modifications made to that file are detailed in each of the other two threads.


      Two previous times I have ask if there were any extension samples available for Sql Developer 4 that used the new framework.

      Kris Rice had said this here:

      Re: Are there any sample sql dev 4 extensions available yet?

      For your first questions,

      1 - There isn't yet but it's on my short list to do.  I'm going to give a talk at KScope on extending sqldev so something will be coming soon, probably a bunch of examples on my blog and possible a skeleton ext on github.  So stay tuned , it's coming.

      2 - There isn't a list

      3 - I'm not sure, the jdev guys own the extension.xml so maybe pester them.


      The wonderous OSGI is probably snagging you up.  I'll ask someone about the hooks.


      As to #3 I did 'pester' the JDEV guys a couple of times. The issue there is that it works for JDev. They did say that Sql Developer SHOULD BE supported as a deployment target but that functionality does NOT work for any tests I have tried.


      1. The User Guide for Sql Developer 4.0 has this on page 1-105

      Creating User Defined Extensions in Oracle SQL Developer



      This is what that tutorial page lists for prerequisites:


      Before starting this tutorial, you should:

      • Install Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 early adopter from OTN here. Follow the readme instructions here.
      • Install the Oracle Database 10g and later.

      Install version 2.1? Clearly the doc didn't get updated.


      2. The Sql Developer Extension Exchange doesn't list ANY 3rd party extensions for version 4



      Did Oracle stop taking submissions for that page? I was hoping to finally complete an extension for the new framework to submit but can't get that sample working properly and not sure if submissions are being accepted anymore.


      3. I can't find ANY documentation specific to Sql Developer for creating extensions for the new framework. There is such documentation for JDeveloper



      That documentation is VERY helpful and detailed as regards creating extensions for JDeveloper. But it is of no help at all when those same simple extensions won't work in Sql Developer.


      Does Oracle have ANY sample extensions anywhere yet that anyone knows of? Are there any plans to create any? I am specifically interested in Java-based extensions that execution actions from custom menu items added to the nav tree as the examples show.