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    Error in BI Apps configuration




      I have successfully installed BI apps with OBIEE After applying the necessary patches I was trying to upgrade ATGLite, FSM and BIACM but I am running into issues. The ATGLite and FSM upgrade got failed with the following messages in the log


      [2015-12-01T15:52:35.651+04:00] [Framework] [NOTIFICATION] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 32] [ecid: 0000L5TOUQu6UO1pzso2yW1MNOWj000004,0] Finished upgrading components.

      [2015-12-01T15:52:35.652+04:00] [Framework] [NOTIFICATION] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 32] [ecid: 0000L5TOUQu6UO1pzso2yW1MNOWj000004,0]   0 components upgraded with success.

      [2015-12-01T15:52:35.652+04:00] [Framework] [NOTIFICATION] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 32] [ecid: 0000L5TOUQu6UO1pzso2yW1MNOWj000004,0]   1 components upgraded with failure.

      [2015-12-01T15:52:35.652+04:00] [Framework] [NOTIFICATION] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 32] [ecid: 0000L5TOUQu6UO1pzso2yW1MNOWj000004,0]   0 components already upgraded.

      [2015-12-01T15:52:35.653+04:00] [Framework] [NOTIFICATION] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 32] [ecid: 0000L5TOUQu6UO1pzso2yW1MNOWj000004,0]   0 components skipped.


      As a result even the BI apps configuration was having error. I checked in the SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY table and found the following




      Can anyone help me figure out what seems to be the problem ? Should I recreate the BI Apps schemas using RCU.