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    FDMEE Check Rules - Data does not display


      Hi Experts,


      I set up check rules in FDMEE to display key figures after the load to HFM.


      But each time only "0" is showing for each of the accounts.   Even though I confirmed there is definitely data in the accounts in HFM.


      These are parent accounts (except for one base account) in HFM, but I set up check entities to consolidate the data after the load.   So I believe the check report should be able to show balances in parent accounts.






      |,,,,,,245000,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,| <-50 and |,,,,,,245000,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,| >50;|,,,,,,245000,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|


      In the "Display Value" I used both the Account member name from HFM and I used "#ModeRule".


      Do I need to specify the members for each dimensions (instead of just the account member) in the rule?


      This is the result every time (always 0.00):

      Rule Name Rule Definition Value

      Liab Equity LC Liabilities and Equity in Local Currency  0.00

      Net Income Net Income in Local Currency 0.00

      Oper Income Operating Profit in Local Currency 0.00

      Balance Account Balance in Local Currency must be between [+50 and –50].  0.00

      Thanks, I would really appreciate any help getting me headed in the right direction.

      Mark Smith