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    Report Layout




      can anyone help me with suggestion on how to change the layout of a table in Obiee analysis?

      I want to align the column headers vertically rather the default style which is horizontal.
      I want the results of the column headers to be in the same rows as the values.


      Column Headers             Rows
      col1(Sales)                      abc    $1000

      col2(loc)                          abc    New york

      col3(bal)                          abc     $-500                         


      I tried aligning the analysis using the pivot table to drag and align the columns vertically success.

      Please advise

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          Rampradeep Pakalapati

          Hi ,


          You question is not clear to me, let me tell you what i understand below is your data as per table.


          Location                        Sales                          Balance

          Newyork                      1000                           -500


          You want the format as below


          Location Newyork

          Sales    1000

          Balance  -500


          If this is what you want, then you have to create a Pivot Table ,and place columns as below


          Rows Section -- Measure Labels Only

          Columsn Section -- No Columns

          Measure Section - Location , Sales , Balance


          Now you will see the location as null, change the Aggregation Rule to First which will display the result.However this is not recommended because you are using dimension column in Measures and might not work always.


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