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    FDMEE bug? No validation of UD1 explicit mappings during mapping import


      Hi guys,


      We came across a strange behaviour in FDMEE

      We've imported a mapping file containing a line with an explicit mapping to a non-existing UD1 target member in HFM


      ...through Data Load Mapping/All mappings/Import/All Mappings and following settings:




      Strange thing is: import runs through without errors. Although "Validate" option was enabled and import should have failed.


      But when we push the "Validate" button within the "Explicit" tab, error message pops up as expected:



      So it seems that the Validate option during Import of UD1 does not work properly.


      We also tried to map to a non existing ICP target member: Validation works.

      We tried in it works.


      Does anyone have the same issue?