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    Isn't Job Manager picking data from the S_NQ_INSTANCE table itself?

    Ashish Gupta

      Hi Gurus,


      After logging in Job Manager and seeing the Job Instance View, i see Begin Time as 5 am



      where in when i see it through sql developer i see the begin time as 10 am



      Below is the sql


      select * from s_nq_instance where job_id =76;


      Now why is there a difference of  5 hours... isn't Job Manager picking the data from the S_NQ_INSTANCE table itself?

      I ran the same query from obiee itself and still it shows 10 am.


      NOTE: - IBOT ran at 5 am  US TIME EST in reality  but it shows as 10 am both in obiee and in sql developer.



      Ashish Gupta