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    Cannot Select Managed Instance When Deinstalling BI Instance

    Ray Kelly

      Using BI 11g

      I have multiple domains/instances and I am trying to remove one of them.

      Weblogic (AdminServer) and the ManagedServer (bi_server1) are both running.

      /app/oracle/biee/instances/instance2/bin/opmnctl status shows everything alive.

      I set ORACLE_HOME to /app/oracle/biee/Oracle_BI1.

      I ran $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller.sh -deinstall.

      I select "Deinstall ASInstances managed by Weblogic domain" and click Next.

      I enter Domain hostname, port and credentials and click Next.

      All of my managed instances are displayed but they are not clickable (read-only).

      I am following the instructions from Oracle (Sorry.  I am not able to paste the URL into this discussion.  Paste option seems to be disabled.)

      How can I deinstall instance2?