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        Yeah, but I rerun post clone again, because the port and hostname was not updated, but I got another error.

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          I copy acrdb.sh then run cloning again, then another error encountered.

          I do not understand why my first cloning did not encounter this


          APPS Password : Log file located at /u01/oracle/PROD/db/tech_st/11.1.0/appsutil/log/PROD_erp2/ApplyDBTier_12100001.log

            /      0% completed       RC-20200: Fatal: Could not find Unzip. At this time only Native UnZip 5.X is supported.

          Please make sure you have UnZip 5.X in your path and try again...



          ERROR while running Apply...

          Thu Dec 10 00:02:45 2015



          ERROR: Failed to execute /u01/oracle/PROD/db/tech_st/11.1.0/appsutil/clone/bin/adclone.pl



          Please check logfile.

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            Pravin Takpire


            looks ike unzip is not in the path add to path

            But again my question is why are you running adcfgclone.

            Run autconfig. If you want to run adcfgclone I think better you copy clone directory again



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              Thanks ALL,


              I resolve my issues with these missing path to executables


              Before running postclone, set the ENV as:

              .  $ORACLE_HOME/PROD_erp.env   << or use the fullpath of the ENV location

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