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    How to show values of a column in a report if that value is not available in the DB


      There is Table with 2 columns - Name and Gender (Values : Male, Female, Other)


      Name      Gender


      Ramesh      Male

      Suresh        Male

      Ramya        Female


      I built a simple report showing total count of each Gender


      Gender     Count(Name)

      -------------- ------------

      Male           2

      Female       1


      Now, My question is How I can show the "Other" gender field and its count as 0 in the report as there is no such record for "Other" gender in the table.

      (I know If there is already data in the table, we would show the value in the report )



      Gender     Count(Name)

      -------        --------------

      Male         2

      Female     1

      Other        0