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    iSupplier - How to Cancel a submitted invoice


      What is the correct method to use when trying to remove an invoice that has been submitted by the supplier through iSupplier. We tried the Cancel action from AP, and even though the billed quantity is 0 from the purchasing view, the iSupplier portal still shows an invoiced quantity.  This leaves no quantity left to re-bill.  Is there a way to undo what the supplier originally did so that they can correct?


      Using EBS 12.0.6

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          Hi Jessica,


          I will take two views to this problem, unfortunately, everytime I interact on one of your questions (which is interesting), I end up giving a disappointing answer .


          Scenario 1: Invoice Created without PO in iSupplier:


          All Invoices which are created without a PO reference can be cancelled by the vendor himself prior to being matched to a Purchase Order in AP - This works, and is the only reason the Cancel Icon is available in the iSupplier Invoice Summary Page


          Scenario 2: Invoice Created with PO reference in iSupplier


          a) Supplier user will not be able to cancel this Invoice

          b) The invoice comes with matched with PO in AP if the match level is set to PO.

          c) Based on Invoice tolerances setup in AP options, if match level is set to receipt, the validation of whether invoice or billed quantity can exceed received quantity is built in within the invoice creation page step 2.


          Any Invoice thus created comes with matching done in the AP and the possibility to cancel this invoice rests within AP only not in iSupplier Portal.


          This is about the process.


          Coming to part 2 of the question, where Billed quantity remains what it is and does not reflect in iSupplier Portal to be available to be re-billed by the supplier user, may I recommend a review of fixes in the note 1060611.1 and if nothing is suitable, please log a support ticket.


          I just tested this in 12.1.3 and it works absolutely fine, so my guess is there is a fix which has gone in for this issue.




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            Thanks Abhi!

            After many weeks of testing, SRs, etc, I think I found the correct bug a few days ago.


            I can't find many references at all to this bug and just happened to run across a community post that mentioned it.  Still trying to determine if Oracle put out a fix for 12.0.6

            Working with old technology is not fun!