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    Previleges to users


      Hi All,


      we have a requirement from users as below.


      1) We have a dashboard designed and the path is under shared folders


      2) Users would like to copy complete dashboard and copy it into their 'My Folder' and play around on them.


      We are sure that even though they copy dashboard, its reference objects points to shared folder(Drills, detail reports and navigation links).


      So what is the best way to provide access to them to not disturb original objects?


      Pl do let me know if I am not clear on the requirement.



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          Manoj Dixit

          Can the end-users edit objects in the shared folder? Ideally, they should not be allowed?

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            Gianni Ceresa

            You give them "open" permissions in the webcat so they can get till the dashboard (by navigating folders) and there they can copy it.

            "open" allow them to execute the dashboard or copy it, as they don't have any permission to write there (in the folder) they can't edit the existing one.

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              Hi Gianni,


              Thanks for your reply.


              The idea is users wants to edit the objects on their My dashboard. Does it not affect original objects(which are referenced in shared folder). Pl do let me know if my understanding is wrong here. It would be great if you could suggest a way around.



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                Gianni Ceresa

                If they want to edit the components of the dashboards (analysis, prompts etc.) they also need to copy these objects to their personal folder and replace the objects in the copied dashboard with the local copy of the object.

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                  Manoj Dixit



                  Sorry to interrupt. Could you please explain the meaning of "play around"? Little curious as this seems to be a typical scenario.


                  An alternative could be create a "dummy" folder under the shared. Grant the necessary privileges on that folder (need to hide it from the actual end-users though). Copy the required elements of the live dashboards to this dummy folder and let them use it to play around. If the folder structure provides no gain (after making several edits), re-create it and let them play around again.


                  That way, you need to maintain only one set of objects while they learn the life-cycle in a collaborative way.


                  Just a thought.