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    Help with D3L file

    Devious Scully
      The D3L below describes a flat file input stream to an FTP adapter in D3l mode. The file contains one or more fixed length records.

      When testing I'm finding that the adapter is only processing the first input record. It appears as if it stops when it finds the CR (carriage return) at the end of each line. In fact each line in the file has the same LF(line feed) CR combination at the end.

      I guess because the D3L is describing the endchar as '#x0D' , it ends when it finds the first one, i.e the first record. I've tried the "eof" marker but this didn't appear to wrok either. My belief is the \r\n combination at the end of each input record is incompatible with what my D3L is trying to do. Can someone review and give me some more ideas?


      David Sutton

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>
      <!DOCTYPE message SYSTEM "d3l.dtd">
      <message type="Prop_BEN" name="createPropertyBEN" object="sx3Party">
      <!-- TYPE DECLARATIONS -->
      <!-- string field 50 chars wide with trailing spaces -->
      <padstring id="str50" padchar=" " padstyle="tail" length="50" />
      <!-- string field 40 chars wide with trailing spaces -->
      <padstring id="str40" padchar=" " padstyle="tail" length="40" />
      <!-- string field 20 chars wide with trailing spaces -->
      <padstring id="str20" padchar=" " padstyle="tail" length="20" />
      <!-- string field 15 chars wide with trailing spaces -->
      <padstring id="str15" padchar=" " padstyle="tail" length="15" />
      <!-- string field 10 chars wide with trailing spaces -->
      <padstring id="str10" padchar=" " padstyle="tail" length="10" />
      <!-- string field 4 chars wide with trailing spaces -->
      <padstring id="str4" padchar=" " padstyle="tail" length="4" />
      <!-- string field 2 chars wide with trailing spaces -->
      <padstring id="str2" padchar=" " padstyle="tail" length="2" />
      <!-- string field 1 char wide with trailing spaces -->
      <padstring id="str1" padchar=" " padstyle="tail" length="1" />
      <!-- structure of the single line Property record -->
      <struct id="PropStruct">
      <field name="folder3_ref"> <typeref type="str15" /> </field>
      <field name="surname"> <typeref type="str50" /> </field>
      <field name="forename"> <typeref type="str20" /> </field>
      <field name="title"> <typeref type="str10" /> </field>
      <field name="street"> <typeref type="str40" /> </field>
      <field name="district"> <typeref type="str40" /> </field>
      <field name="town"> <typeref type="str40" /> </field>
      <field name="county"> <typeref type="str40" /> </field>
      <field name="postcode"> <typeref type="str10" /> </field>
      <field name="parish"> <typeref type="str4" /> </field>
      <field name="folder3_ind"> <typeref type="str1" /> </field>
      <field name="band"> <typeref type="str1" /> </field>
      <field name="file_system"> <typeref type="str2" /> </field>
      <field name="status"> <typeref type="str1" /> </field>
      <!-- structure of the delimited array for Property records -->
      <limarray id="PropArray" contchar="#x0D" endchar="#x0D" >
      <typeref type="PropStruct" />
      <!-- MESSAGE STRUCTURE -->
      <struct id="Prop_BEN">
      <field name = "PropArray"> <typeref type="PropArray"/> </field>