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    How to use two Assessable Price against one supplier one item

    Ramesh Chandra Joshi



      I have some issue on maintaining the Price list of Purchase order.

      In Order Management, it is the sale order that storing the Unit Price and Assessable Price against the order.

      But in Purchase Order, such value is not storing or i have not seen such option.

      We have some complexity from our supplier side on Assessable Price, so based on volume and time our Basic and Assessable price changed.

      Let have an example:

      ----ABC Supplier----

      • PO:111 Item: X having Assessable Price INR 1000 effective from 01-Jul-2015 to 30-Sep-15
      • PO:122 Item: X having Assessable Price INR 995 effective from 01-Sep-2015 to 31-Dec-15

      But PO:111 receiving falls on 09-Dec-2015.

      And we are also having receiving against PO:122 on 09-Dec-2015.


      So it took so much time for us to manage in system by overwriting the Price until the receiving is done and we have revert the changes. And its is a daily time taken activity.


      How to handle this smoothly in Oracle?


      Ramesh Joshi