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    ORDS 3.0 with Oracle DB 11.2 XE


      Hi guys,


      I have a couple of questions pertaining to ORDS & Oracle DB 11.2 XE.


      I found the below statement from our Database Licensing Information doc. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/license.112/e47877/editions.htm#DBLIC133?customTheme=otn


      "A restricted-use license for Oracle Application Express Listener is included with all editions (except for Oracle Database Express Edition) solely to support connectivity to Oracle Application Express, which may be installed in the Oracle Database. Running Oracle Application Express Listener on a different server does not require that that server be licensed to use the Oracle Database."


      Based on the statement above, can I assume that we can't use APEX listener to connect to Oracle DB 11.2 XE as it doesn't have the restricted-use license?


      Can I download ORDS 3.0 Production version and do the installation separately to connect to Oracle DB 11.2 XE?


      Do I need to pay a license fee for ORDS 3.0 Production ver?