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    Sub Totals in OBIEE Reorts


      Hello Gurus,

      I have a require where I need to a row sub-totals based on the Order Qty for every customer. So it should display in rows the sub total of the ordered qty grouped by customer. So if one customer had ordered 5 items all the five items details should come in five rows and the sub total should come on the sixth line under the ordered qty as five. Is this possible in the OBIEE report without doing anything on the RPD side, I do not want to use pivot table. Quick help will be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance


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          Use Pivot view,there you can set subtotals for your rows required..



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            Gianni Ceresa

            Hi,  in a table view you can add subtotal on any of the attributes column, so if you display a subtotal at the customer level it will add a row after the customer details with the subtotal. The issue is that if you want in the subtotal the number of orders the customer has you need that as a fact column in your table as OBIEE doesn't allow you to define on a single column a formula for a detail level and another one for the subtotal or grand total level. So you will have a column displaying 1 next to each each order detail and then at the subtotal level you will have your 5 (number of orders by customer).