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    Increase the Speed of Post Upgrade process - R12 with

    Karthik Appsys

      Dear Legends,


      We are upgrading a R12.0.6 Database from to using dbua

      - The Pre - upgrade process time is 30 minutes or less

      - The Upgrade process is 2hrs 10 minutes

      - The Post Upgrade is nearly ran for 7-8 hours --> How to reduce this time or speed up this process.


      I kept the

      job_queue_process to 1000

      sga - 2G

      pga - 1G


      Is there any other parameters required to optimize from Upgrade point of view ?


      The Post Upgrade process is doing the INVALIDS and for an hour it is validating nearly 10000 objects. Is there any other way to reduce the downtime. ? 36 Hours is the Max down time I have.




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