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    Opening cursor using <procedure_name>.<parameter_name> combination results in object browser being messed up




      This is an strange issue in sqldeveloper v3+ (checked it on both v3.* and v4.*).

      If a sys_refcursor is opened inside a procedure/function using the <procedure_name>.<parameter_name> combination inside a package body, the package body can't be expanded into components inside object browser. example:


      procedure byid ( pid in number, prms out sys_refcursor ) as


          open byid.prms for

            select id "id", name "name" from tblsec_permissions a where a.id = byid.pid and mod(floor(abs(a.status/512)),2) = 0;

        end byid;


      The above code leads to the issue, but ommiting the byid. after open, object browser returns to normal.