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    Purchasing API


      Deal All,

      I have a requirement to  -

      (a) Bulk update  some PO data (like Need By Date, promise Date etc).

      (b) Auto-increment the revision.

      (c) Auto-approve the PO.


      Could you please help me with points b and c as how I am auto increment the PO Revision after the updates are done and how I can auto approve the PO (the new approver should be same as last approver).





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          Jignesh Makwana

          Hi Amit,


          You can try with Data Loader software ?




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            Hi Jignesh,


            This will be a new application which will give the users the facility to mass update the PO dates (and attachments).

            Hence we cant use data loader.

            Basically the proposed design is as under -

            • User uploads the data from an excel into a OAF page.
            • From this excel the data is inserted into a staging table.
            • Then there will be an Oracle concurrent program (custom) which will read data from the staging table and update into standard tables along with revision increment and approval.




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              Hello Amit,


              You should be able to update existing PO and automatically increase revision. This is standard revision control for PO document.


              This is per standard documentation:

              "For the Update action code, the document revision number is increased every time

              the unit Price, item Description, UOM, or Expiration Date is updated, or when a

              new line is added (unless Archive on Approval is chosen in the Document Types

              window and PO: Archive Catalog on Approval is set to No)."


              To approve the update, you can pass LAUNCH_APPROVALS_FLAG = 'Y' for the API.


              The following notes have some good examples and details of the API:


              Vision Demo - How To Use the PO Change API To Update Existing Purchase Orders (Doc ID 1078842.1)

              How to use PO_CHANGE_API1_S.update_po to Change Three Lines (Doc ID 1077455.1) -- look at last example for lauch_approval_flag




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                Hi Vanha,


                One question.

                Is it possible to use the PO_CHANGE_API1_S API for updating the revision only?

                I mean without updating any date/price etc.