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      Dear all,

      Hope all are doing good.

      i need your precious help, my requirement is to configure dmz(de materialized zone) ,what is this and how can i configure this?

      your help will be appreciated.


      thanks & regards.


      os:6.1 rhel



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          Please see the following MOS note:


          380490.1 Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Configuration in a DMZ


          You will need to add a 2nd middle tier node / machine that sits in the DMZ (an area of your network which allows limited access to certain ports from the general internet).  For example, if you are using iStore, the "store" is generally on the DMZ node and accessible from the general internet.


          You will want to have a shared APPL_TOP from between your first (main) applications node and your second (dmz) node -- that you only have to patch once, not twice.


          See the above note also for architectural diagrams.
          Hope this helps.

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            Jignesh Makwana



            Please refer this.


            Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Configuration in a DMZ (Doc ID 380490.1)