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    After EBS - BI Integration: Login page is not displayed for direct BI user(Non EBS users)


      Hi All,



      EBS      12.2.5




      We have successfully integrated EBS with BI by following (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/bi.1111/e16364/ebs_actions.htm#BIEIT1321)

      This is working and our EBS users can logon to the Dashboards and Answers through the documented menu links in EBS

      However, the BI Administrator isn't a EBS user(weblogic) and when we directly enter the BI URL (HTTP://xxxx.com:9704/analytics) login page is not available.

      Following error is displayed

      "You are not currently signed in to the Oracle BI Server.

      If you have already signed in, your connection might have timed out, or a communications or server error may have occurred.

      To sign in again, click here. If the problem persists, please contact the site's administrator."



      1.     I can able to login by editing the Analytic URL manually "saw.dll?Dashboard&NQUser=weblogic&NQPassword=welcome123"

      2.     In RPD, I have unchecked "required for authentication" as per steps.


      Any help will be so handy for us


      Thanks in advance