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    EBS R12.1.3 change APPLSYSPUB password


      Hi guys


      we followed this note ID 437260.1 to change the APPLSYSPUB password in ebs R12

      the note says Autoconfig needs to be run after changing 'APPLSYSPUB' using FNDCPASS but didn't mention which parameters in context file should be changed  before  running autoconfig  as in below thread

      this  thread mention that s_gwyuid_pass should be updated before running autoconfig which make sense as s_gwyuid_pass contain the old password(PUB) instead of the new one, when I was changing s_gwyuid_pass in context file I found one more parameter in the context file s_gwyuid which contain old password(PUB) too. So, only running the autoconfig as in note 437260.1 will leave the old password (PUB) in the context file(s_gwyuid_pass,s_gwyuid ).


      I opened an SR to Oracle and showed them this thread, but Oracle said it's an old thread and nothing in 437260.1  about changing the context file, so running only autoconfig should be enough ?


      Since our EBS is SSO enabled, We are wondering if ebs access gate should be deployed again as the dbc file used by ebs access gate contain the old  APPLSYSPUB password and the autoconfig ran after changing the APPLSYSPUB password will generate a  new dbc file which contain the new password?


      thank you