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    Uncosted Materials Transactions


      I have an issue with transactions that are not being costed. They do not have errors. I followed the instruction in


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          It seemed your Cost Manager may not be active, or you are using a costing method that mandate transactions to be costed in order and the first record might be in error.


          To check whether the cost manager is active, go to: Inventory responsibility > Setup > Interface Managers, Cost Manager must be active. If not, launch it from Tools > Launch Manager

          To check whether there are records that are un-costed in error, run query: select count(*) from mtl_material_transactions where costed_flag = 'E';


          If all of these have been checked, and you still have uncosted records, open an SR with Inventory Support team, product 508, subcomponent Transactions to seek further assistance.


          Hope this helps.