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    Problem When performing Login with Administrator user


      I have two servers (dev and Test)

      I developed RPD on DEV server and copy it to  TST serve. Everything worked right

      I continued to develop the RPD in TST server and then I copy the RPD from TST server back to  DEV server.

      Surprisingly, when I login to OBIEE on DEV server with administrator user, I can not login

      (get error - The error message that I get in log is: Authentication Failure administrator. Odbc driver returned an error (SQLDriverConnectW). State: 08004. Code: 10018)

      when I try to login with  USER WEBLOGIC its OK

      also I login with other user (that manage in table in DB),  I  successful to login


      Any ideas for solving the problem





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          1. The original RPD you copied to test, I gather you still have it, what happens if you try the original rpd you had in dev before you copied into test and made changes?, If it works, then it could be the changes you have done in the test rpd.  Good place to start.


          2. Did you change anything in the authentication, security blocks in the rpd??