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    GlassFish and ORDS (APEX listener) performance problems


      Hi everyone,


      we have a number of APEX applications accessed over APEX Listener installed on GlassFish 4.1 (Open Source Edition). APEX Listener is version


      All installation is done using defaults, following available documentation.


      The problem we have is that after some time (couple of day, weeks maybe) the response gets really slow, meaning you have to wait for a couple of minutes to change page or get the application to react. At the same time everything is working normally through another instance of GlassFish and APEX Listener, meaning everything's ok with the database and the problem must be with the GlassFish and/or APEX Listener. After restarting GlassFish domain things get better for a while but eventually we run into same performance problems. There's nothing suspicious in GlassFish logs and we're not sure where to look further.


      I tried searching documentation and web for information on how to configure GlassFish and APEX Listener for production environments but could not find much. We increased JVM memory parameters for GlassFish to 2GB, but I'd like to know is there something else regarding GlassFish parameters (HTTP threads, JDBC pool etc.) we could do to avoid described problems, or is there a way to detect what the actual problem is. Any suggestions or pointers to relevant documents?


      Thanks in advance,