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    Unable to display hidden conflicts while using MUD.


      Hi. This is my first time with MUD-E. The version of OBI Admin tool is I have created a project and checked out the same project as 2 separate developers. The 1st developer deletes a column "A" and renames a column "B" and deletes two sub-columns in "C". While using the option File-> Multiuser -> Publish to Network, the conflict wizard does not display anything about column "A" or "C" but only shows about "B". There is a change statistics button and it shows that there are 3 hidden conflicts which are the deleted columns "A" and 2 under "C". How do I display the hidden conflicts along with the other conflicts?

      s. Here A is "Other Metrics", B is "DB Query and C is "Measure". Kindly help me out. Thanks in advance.