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    Approval based email notification not appearing in Workflow status monitor





      Development team is facing below issue related to Workflow Notification:


      In Dev instance, we are trying to respond to an approval based email notification from overridden email address but the response sent is not getting integrated with the application. The response given through email notification is not appearing in workflow status monitor.


      We see the same behavior with both standard and custom notification. Below are the details of a sample notification:


      Notification Subject: Action Required: CC# 20028, Draft Invoice# 1 for Project# 10063216 is submitted for Approval

      Notification ID: 413232


      Can you please help us by making the standard integration work.

      This issue is occurring only with email notifications in outlook, when we try to do the same from the Oracle Apps window, it works.

      Attached is the screenshot of the issue and approval email.





      Purnima Johari