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    Get region notification




      I use ebs R12, i need to get full html notification, i use wf_notification.GetFullBody but not get full information, its coming like below where include HR_NTF_EMBEDDED_REGION(HR_ABS_NTF_SSattribute as first line, i need to get list of region attribute and values? how can i don that?

      Attribute HR_NTF_EMBEDDED_REGION refers to Framework Region JSP:/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=-HR_ABS_NTF_SS-&NtfId=-7283042-.


      <table  width=100% border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" ><tr><td class="x3w">Action History</td></tr><tr><td><table width="100%" summary="تاريخ الإجراء" ><tr><td>

      <table width="100%" class="x1h" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" summary="Date" border="1" >


      <th class="x1r x4j"  scope="col" width="5%" align="LEFT" valign="baseline" ><span class="x24">Num</span></th>

      <th class="x1r x4j"  scope="col" width="15%" align="LEFT" valign="baseline" ><span class="x24">Action Date</span></th>

      <th class="x1r x4j"  scope="col" width="10%" align="LEFT" valign="baseline" ><span class="x24">Action</span></th>

      <th class="x1r x4j"  scope="col" width="15%" align="LEFT" valign="baseline" ><span class="x24">From</span></th>

      <th class="x1r x4j"  scope="col" width="15%" align="LEFT" valign="baseline" ><span class="x24">To</span></th>

      <th class="x1r x4j"  scope="col" width="40%" align="LEFT" valign="baseline" ><span class="x24">Details</span></th>



      <td align="CENTER" valign="baseline"  class="x1l x4x">1</td>

      <td align="LEFT" valign="baseline"  class="x1l x4x">02/02/2015 14:45:39</td>

      <td align="LEFT" valign="baseline"  class="x1l x4x">Submit</td>

      <td align="LEFT" valign="baseline"  class="x1l x4x">Name 1</td>

      <td align="LEFT" valign="baseline"  class="x1l x4x">Name 2</td>

      <td align="LEFT" valign="baseline"  class="x1l x4x"> </td>