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    How to bring description from EBS to FDMEE?


      Hi Experts,


      New Year Wishes!!!


      We are facing with an issue in bringing the "Sub Account" description into FDMEE. Please find below the whole scenario-


      1. We have registered both source (EBS) as well as target (HFM) in the FDMEE.
      2. all other setups were also completed.
      3. below is the snapshot of the Import Format.



      4. the mapping for Account as well as UnitFlow is concatenated for source "Natural Account" and "Sub Account" combination.

      Say one natural code 1000000 and Sub account code 001 was concatenated as 1000000_001


      5. Mappings were "Many to One". i.e many source account were mapped to one Target account.


      6. Further we were able to export data successfully to the target.


      7. On Drilling through from the Grid in HFM it takes us to the FDMEE drill through window. the snap shot is as follows:




      Now the Account Description you are able to see relates to the natural account.


      But as per the requirement SUB ACCOUNT description has to be shown under the Account Description.


      Please provide us a way to get it solved.


      Also please let us know if any more details required.


      Thanks In Advance.