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    Using new ORDS 3.0 routing parameter syntax in APEX 5




      There is a question posted by my colleague in Apex forum, but this forum is probably a better place.

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      Dear community,

      in the following blog http://blog.cdivilly.com/2015/03/10/route-patterns/, it is nicely shown that ORDS 3 now supports a very easy way to pass parameters to the SQL statement. Instead of using the old curly brace syntax, i.e. {param-name}, a new colon based syntax, i.e. :param-name, has been implemented. In effect this allows to define a pattern as /hr/employees and when calling the actual URL like http://..../hr/employees?deptno=123&name=charles it automatically passes the bind variables to the SQL query. While this behavior is working well when using ORDS 3 directly, i.e. via ords.create_service, it doesn't work when I try to run it from within APEX RESTful Service Module. In the latter case only the old fashioned way seems to work. Do you know why, i.e. is this behavior by design?