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    need to source against a GBPA from different OU

    Pratik Dey

      Hi All,

      Our requirement is to raise one GBPA in OU1 and use it from different country/OUs.

      GBPA raised in OU1 in AUD currency which need to be viewed as catalogs from all the OUs.

      We have created the GBPA and done the enabled all the organizations.

      As a requesting org we have put different OUs and purchasing org as OU1.


      As per our setup we can raise the requisition against that in OU1 and create SPO against the GBPA in OU1.

      We also want the same GBPA should be visible from OU2 and can be raised requisition from OU2 and SPO in OU2.

      Can this be achieved ?


      We have enabled the organization for GBPA, made requesting org as OU2 and purchasing org as OU2. But after approval of the requisition is not automatically converted to a SPO.

      Please suggest.