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    Purge Programs, recommended schedule for running them




      What is the recommended schedule for running these purge programs in the system?


      Request NameDescription
      DELDIAGLOGDelete Diagnostic Logs
      DELDIAGSTATDelete Diagnostic Statistics
      FNDCPCRSSummarize and Purge Concurrent Request Stats
      FNDDWPURGPurge Rule Executions
      FNDECXPRPurge Obsolete ECX Data
      FNDGFMPRPurge Obsolete Generic File Manager Data
      FNDOAMLOGPURGEPurge Diagnostic and Log Messages
      FNDPGHSTPurge FND_STATS History Records
      FNDWFPRPurge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data
      FNDWF_NTF_RESENDResend Failed/Error Workflow Notifications
      ICXDLTMPPurge Inactive Sessions
      MSCATPPURGPurge ATP Temp Tables