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    Filtering EBS data coming into FDMEE


      I've setup a FDMEE direct integration with EBS. I'm able to load data and all is working fine now. My only question is i need to set some filters.

      e.g. When loading data for an entity/ledger there is entries from other entities booked in that entity but i only want to load entity related to that entity only

      e..g I'm loading corporate ledger and it has company/region/entity 01, 02, 03, 04 data but i only want to load data for 01.

      Is there a way that i can limit the data to 01 only. It'll be based on location/ledger so for every ledger i only want to load data to the related company.

      Is it even possible with direct EBS integration or i've to use the open interface adapter.

      If someone can help on how to do this what ever the load method is?