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    PublicReportService generateReport failed




      for a customer we've integrated Siebel CRM with BI Publisher


      The integration is partially working, in particular some reports are generated correctly, while some are not. When not working, bipublisher.log file is reporting the following issue:


      [2016-01-11T14:52:08.314+03:00] [bi_server2] [ERROR] [] [oracle.xdo] [tid: 11] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 00005RqR0Ld1zWp_kP^AyZ0000WD0002A1,0:1] [APP: bipublisher#11.1.1] [URI: /xmlpserver/services/PublicReportService_v11] PublicReportService::generateReport failed: due to unable to read ReportDataFile [xmlp8394124575176807201tmp]


      Architecture is built on 2 BIP Application servers which are sharing a path where Report Definitions are hosted. We've already checked, the application servers are running with the same user that owns the Report definitions, permissions are correctly set on Report Definitions files, no lack of storage.

      What the issue can be related to?


      Thanks a lot in advance,