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    EBSSample mobile application




      I use EBS 12.1.3, and i need to run EBSSample mobile application, i flow these document Oracle® E-Business Suite Mobile Apps Administrator's Guide Release 12.1 and 12.2 and Oracle® E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Developer's Guide Release 12.1 and 12.2, but when i run the EBSSample in mobile i get error unable to connect to server please enter a valid server URL even i add EBS server URL http://mycompany:8011 when lunch application.


      Also i test http://mycompany:8011/webservices/SOAProvider/?testquery and get "TEST RESPONSE",

      and i test http://mycompany:8011/OA_HTML/RF.jsp?function_id=mConfig&bundleId=com.oracle.ebs.atg.mbl.Sample&file=ebs-mobile-config.xml and i get below code

                <name>EBS Sample App</name>
                     <distribution version="1.3.1"/>
           <connection-settings AuthServerType="HTTP_BASIC">
                <param name="APPS_MOBILE_IDLE_TIMEOUT">7200</param>
                <param name="APPS_MOBILE_SESSION_TIMEOUT">28800</param>
                <param name="APPS_MOBILE_AGENT">http://VS-CPC-UAT-ERP01.CPC.GOV.AE:8011</param>

      Any suggestion?