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    Problem to open Procedure - ORA-01460


      Hello all,


      Last year, before X-Mas I Working with SQL Developer in my Old machine (Windows 7). In X-Mas I use the time to update my PC to Windows 10 (make a new installation, not migrate from 7 to 10)) and install all new, one of this was the Oracle SQL Developer. Before X-Mas I was working in a Procedure. This Procedure is saved in the Oracle DB that is in an external server. Now I come back from holiday and I have the problem that I can connect me to the DB (I can make a simple select * from <TABLE>) but when I open the directory Procedure or Function y receive the same error:



      I make the same test again an another DB and I doesn’t have problem. I think it must be a problem with the DB Versions:

      The version of the DB which I receive the error is and the version of the DB which I doesn’t receive an error is


      Info of my Sytem:


      windows 10 ([Versión 10.0.10240]


      Oracle SQL Developer


      Acerca de



      Oracle SQL Developer


      Versión Interna MAIN-20.78


      IDE Version:

      Product ID: oracle.sqldeveloper

      Product Version:





      Componente    Versión

      ==========    =======

      Oracle IDE

      Plataforma Java(TM)    1.8.0_60

      Soporte de Control de Versiones