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    EBS Apache load balancing




      We are having two Apache nodes in EBS. The end user access http:// EBS URL from F5 and we have load balancing setup there.


      We need to verify if  Apache sessions are established to two EBS  Apache (i.e webserver nodes).  How do we test from webserver nodes prespective if Apache sessions are established  to both nodes.

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          Your F5 admin should be able to give you the stats about the connections directed.


          However, you can use this query:


          select fn.node_name, 'Number of user sessions : ' || count( distinct session_id) How_many_user_sessions

          from icx_sessions icx,

          fnd_nodes fn

          where fn.node_id = icx.node_id

          and (last_connect + decode(FND_PROFILE.VALUE('ICX_SESSION_TIMEOUT'), NULL,limit_time, 0,limit_time,FND_PROFILE.VALUE('ICX_SESSION_TIMEOUT')/60)/24) > sysdate

          and disabled_flag != 'Y'

          and PSEUDO_FLAG = 'N'

          group by fn.node_name;


          Let me know if you need any help!

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            Please mark it answered if you do not need any more clarifications on this. Thanks.