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    Ords 3 Oauth2 setup




      I have installed/configured ORDS 3 on my Oracle 12c db(Non container..). RIght now I am running the ORDS standalone mode.  I have create a web service (http://myserver:8080/ords/jason/api/event) and it returns json data successfully,


      Now I would like to enable the Oauth2 on my web service but I am having difficult time to set it up. I have read and followed the ORDS user developer guide but somehow I couldn't get the user register page, it through me 404 error when I access https://myserver:8080/ords/jason/oauth/clients/). SO here are my questions:


      (in the guide, it says create a user and put it in a Oauth group but I couldn't find where I can put the group in Apex)


      1. Can I use Oauth2 if I run the ORDS standalone? or I need to use Weblogic/Tomcat in order to do that?

      2. Anyone have a detail document I can follow?