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    R12 Multi node installations issue.


      Hi Team,


      I have installed oracle applications R12.1 on RHEL 6.5



      NODE_NAME    Conc_Node  Form_Node  Web_Node   Admin_Node DB_Node    Status

      ------------            ----------             ----------          ----------           ----------       ----------      -----------

      Node 1               Yes                  Yes             Yes               Yes             No         Enabled

      Node 2              Yes                   Yes             Yes               Yes             Yes        Enabled


      There are 2 nodes ... node 1 ( web node , concurrent node , form node , admin node )

                                     node 2 ( Database node , web node , concurrent node , form node , admin node )


      Installations completed successfully..

      But the issue is ... when i tried to hit the URL https://node2:domainname.com:8003    it is pointing to node 1 only (http://node1.domainname.com:8003).

      all the connections are happening through node 1 only ..

      I have clean up FND_nodes and run autoconfig on database,app-node1 and app-node2 , still the same issue persists.


      Could you please someone explain if I missed any post step. it would be good if we have any docs for multinode installtions.


      Also from database level, it is showing only one node entry.


      SQL> select home_url from icx_parameters;





      Am I missing to add entries in in any environment file.


      Thanks in advance.




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          If you want to keep run your env on two node, The database on first node, no need to enable other services and Second node (Application + web) should have all services enabled.

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            Hi ,


            I have enabled all services (Root Services ,Web Entry Point Services ,Web Application Services ,Batch Processing Services ,Other Service Group) on node 1 and node 2 .

            then database should display both node URL entries in ICX_parameters. am I right?


            Do you think I should enable batch processing services on node1 only. for node 2 it should be disable. Is that cause a issue.?


            please let me know .

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              Batch application service, web ,web entry, root service at application tier


              Please refer my document (Note : this is for three tier)  https://mohamedazar.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/erpinstallation.pdf

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                Hi Azhar,


                I referred your docs.  as per your doc. you have one web node , one CM node and one database node.


                as per my architecture.... I have 2 physical servers . one server having database and applications (CM,web,apache) and another server having only applications (CM, web , Apache)

                My question is :

                1. Can I configure CM on both applications server by enabling batch processing.

                2. there are 2 different web applications services , then it should show url entries of both applications services in ICX_Parameters

                           like      http://node1.abc.com



                if yes, when i click on any URL it is pointing to node1 URL .


                My intention is i need to configure load balancer for both the applications web server.

                and I need to configure PCP on both applications services.


                Could you please correct on this.!!

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                  Hi Guys...


                  Could u plz help me out on this issue.

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                    Manish. Its very simple and I will help you through.


                    1. In Multi-Node always remember that the URL will point to only 1 Node. Starting from R12, the last node where you run autoconfig, will be the node. So its absolutely fine.Even if you type, node.domainname.com:port it will go to node 1 only. So usually, DBAs run autoconfig in the order 1-2-1 so that it will point to Node 1.
                    2. Secondly, if you are configuring Load Balancing, it depends on how you are configuring. If its DNS for e.g. Change the following 4 parameters in both the context files and update in DNS server. Lets say you the want the URL to be erp.domainname.com:port then set s_external_url - erp.domainname.com:port ....., s_login_page: erp.domainname.com:port.... ,s_webentryhost - erp, s_webenrtydomain - domainname.com
                    3. Batch processing can be enabled in any number of nodes. Simply enable primary and secondary nodes in Concurrent--> Manager--> Define for PCP




                    Sharing The Application Tier File System in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1375769.1)

                    Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1375686.1)