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    Migrating  Sybase datatype clob to blob using SQL Developer


      version: SQL*Plus: Release Production on Tue Jan 12 18:16:30 2016

      we are migrating  database from sybase to oracle which has lot of image datatype in sybase and we are using  folloing steps to  migrate image data from sybase to oracle.

      1. bcp out data from sybase using -c parameter that has image data

      2. loading data from datafile to  oracle using  datatype as CLOB in the table

      3. converting  data from CLOB to BLOB using  CLOBTOBLOB_SQLDEVELOPER  function( generated by sqldeveloper). this fucntion is taking long time to  convert data from CLOB to BLOB.

      According to  data conversion testing from CLOB to BLOB  on the table that  contains  29,000 rows (6GB BLOB) data and takes about 5 hours 37 minutes ( 17mb per minutes)  and we are planning to  convert  CLOB to BLOB about 4 millions rows (368 GB data)  in productin whcih might takes forever.


      please advise is there any optimized function  or any other technique  available to migrate large volume of image data ( 368 GB) from sybase to  Oracle