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    Installation Question (OBIEE + OHS)

    Adam Wickes

      Hi all,


      Bit of an urgent one here.

      I've been planning an installation for a couple of months now which is said to go ahead this weekend.

      The plan is to move our OBIEE installation from a virtual machine to a physical box with far more grunt.

      Unfortunately, because they'll be running different OS's, cloning wasn't an option so i'm left to do a fresh install and then migrations, config changes etc.


      I thought that I was well prepared until I realised that my existing enterprise manager has a "web tier" option in the farm and my new installation doesn't.


      So my questions are...


      How do I get associate a web tier with this weblogic domain?
      Can I have two web tiers running on different servers from the same OHS? ie Will the existing server still work if I create an ohs and link it to my server?


      The plan was that on Sunday, we will have a switch over so that the URL used by our userbase will point to the new server instead of the old one but here I was thinking that all i'd need to do is update the "mod_wl_ohs" config file.


      Really appreciate any help guys... I'm feeling sick in the stomach at the thought of having to tell my boss we need to postpone!!