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    Apply filter on hierarchical column with selection steps




      i need to pick only certain rows from the hierarchical column



      A is the parent in the hierarchical column

      B and C are children to A

      D and E are children to B

      F and G are children to C

      and so on


      My requirement is to pick rows A,D and F.


      So in selection steps I keep only A,D and F to display in the report.But the issue is 'Expand' option is coming for A as well along with D and F.


      issue with 'expand' option for A is, if user expand A , it will show children duplicate records in the report.


      So I keep only A in the selection steps and expand 2 levels and then removed the E and G.after that I applied conditional format on B and C to not display. But here the issue is when I download report to excel or PDF, excel is showing B and C rows as well and also in the bottom of the report in Obiee report its saying 5 rows instead of 3 rows what we are showing in the report.



      Anyone suggest me how can I achieve this?