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    Auto complete fields on Tabular Form


      Using APEX 5 and Theme 42, I have a form (Page 245) in the below application that has two columns currently as lov popup controls.  My customer has asked if they can be converted to autocomplete textboxes.  Can anyone take a look at this page and suggest how to implement an autocomplete textbox for this style tabular form?  It is built using a interactive report and a collection underneath to hold data until its ready to be saved.. Idea is from Jari Lane's fantastic blog Jari's APEX Blog : Article Yet another way to create "editable interactive report"http://jaris.blogsite.org/



      URL for application: https://glassfish1.revion.com/apex/f?p=4550:1:6270623494473:::::

      Application: recharge (Application # 393)

      workspace: homeworld

      user: demo

      password demo


      Any help will be appreciated!


      Thank you,


      Tony Miller
      Los Alamos, NM