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    Error when trying to install Patch 22246609


      The following Oracle Forms objects did not generate successfully:

      au    resource    JL.pll


      Failed to compile JL.pll

      Compilation errors on JLBR_AR:

      PL/SQL ERROR 0 at line 380, column 7

      Statement ignored



      Compilation errors on ARXTWMAI_BR_GET_EI_ACCESS_CODE:

      PL/SQL ERROR 306 at line 129, column 14

      wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'GET_ICMS_DEF_AMOUNTS'

      PL/SQL ERROR 0 at line 129, column 14

      Statement ignored

      PL/SQL ERROR 0 at line 0, column 0

      Automatic recompile of Procedure Body ARXTWMAI_BR_GET_EI_ACCESS_CODE failed



      Compilation errors on ARXTWMAI_BR_BILLING_VALIDATION:

      PL/SQL ERROR 0 at line 86, column 10

      Statement ignored


      Failed to generate library.


      FRM-30312: Failed to compile the library.