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      OS: Oracle Linux 6.4 64 bit


      Oracle Database 11g R2

      I am doing a clone of EBSR12.2.4 instance. I am referring to Doc ID 1383621.1

      1. After sourcing the application and database for cloning, when I copy the database it says i need to shutdown both the application and database. Do I need to shutdown the application and database instances before compressing(tar) and copying the application instance?

      2. After sourcing the database for cloning, when I copy the database from source to target, do I need to recreate and configure the control file to specify the new paths for the target DB instance in the data folder(log files, data files...)


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          Narsi M-Oracle



          Please perform all the steps as described in the Doc ID 1383621.1

          It is mandatory to stop services

          adcfgclone should take take care of control file creation.





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              It depends on which backup you are using. If you are using RMAN online backup, just copy the backup files (Image copies or backup sets) with Archive log files and recover the database on target. For application tier starting from 12.2, you just need to backup EBSapps only. FMW_HOME will be created automatically.


            Ensure you are running adpreclone.pl on DB and APPS Tier as well.




            Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Rapid Clone (Doc ID 1383621.1)


            Remember that starting from AD.7, FS1 and FS2 both are created in single command using dualfs.

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              The database on the target node is working fine.


              I am having issue on the patch edition. The system is up and running on the run edition(fs2). On the patch edition, I copied the EBSApps directory from source node to target(fs1). I already applied the adpreclone on the source.


              When running the adcfgclone.pl script as in the doc, I am getting the error below


              ERRORMSG: PATCH context file /u01/oracle/PREPROD/fs1/inst/apps/preprod_erppreprod/appl/admin/preprod_erppreprod.xml not found in filesystem and DB both for host erppreprod.


              I am stuck as I cannot apply patch