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    One line for labels in Stackbar graph in OBIEE



      Hi Gurus,




      Need urgent support from you!!!!




      My client requested for stacked bar graph, which on the horizontal axis has two labels (text format). Depending on the values selected on prompts, these labels could be presented in one, two and three lines. Now, the customer requires to have these labels in one line at ALL THE TIMES.


      Any changes of the column format (column, style – “white-space: nowrap”, etc.) had no results. I invented the fake column with the following expression:






      When “DM_PROJECT”.”PROJECT_NAME”=’0000000’ THEN ‘GOOD’


      ELSE ‘----------------------------------------------‘




      And added it to the horizontal axis as a label. Since the length of the dotted line  bigger than the total length of the two requested labels – I’ve got them in one line !!!!!! But I have dotted line next to them !!! And I cannot get rid of it at all whatever I did! Meanwhile, when I used background color for the dotted line in the normal (table view of the report) – it works!!!, as soon as this column is placed as a label (vertically) – this trick doesn’t work.




      Any suggestions?! Need desperately to solve.




      Best regards