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    Interconnect and Web Services

      We have OIC version and are looking to have expose our message objects (written on DB adaptors) to Web Services by having a generic Web Service spoke. The plan is to:

      For the publishers it seems fairly straight forward to expose the publisher packages Web Services using Jdeveloper.

      Q: See issues with this approach?
      Q Are there any known issues with this?

      For the subscriber we had planned on executing a java class to post messages from the spoke to a JMS queue which then could be listened for by a consuming WS. I have since noticed in some of the forums that Oracle planned on releasing a Web Service adaptor for the 10g version.

      Q: Was this feature released?
      Q: Does it work similar in regards to guaranteed delivery (ie, if the Web Service is not available the message is retained in the hub)?

      Any pointers to best practice, white papers, etc on this topic would also be helpful.

      Thank you in advance for any responses.