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    What to do if EBS Application Running Slow


      Hi all,

      What to do if EBS application running slow ? As a Apps DBA, what can we do ? Please advice.




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          Pravin Takpire

          EBS Running Slow ? This is very vague problem description. First you need to see what exactly is running slow? is it Concurrent Requests ? is it overall login and navigating experience is slow ? Are there any specific forms slow in navigation ?

          Do you have any old benchmarks where you can compare these ?

          First step in any Tuning exercise is to define the tuning problem and scope.

          Generally speaking as apps DBA I would check Server statistics at OS level like top/iostat etc

          Then gradually check Overall Database stats like sessions, wait events memory usage. May be you can run AWR reports and other diagnostic reports

          Check for concurrent requests execution, their history and current performances.

          Then go for specific problem, check for execution plans and compare them with older plans.

          Also check for network latency between servers and clients



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