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    How to Configure adop to work without setting up patch FS - 12.2.4


      Hello Experts,


      I need your suggestion in 12.2.4 ebs cloning process,


      Database -

      Application - 12.2.4

      Delta 6


      we have a daily clone process in out environment and this is completely automated via shell scripts, it takes 2 hours for us to clone Pre-prod from Prod,


      Steps followed for cloning -


      1- clone database via a VM level snap technology

      2- clean up fnd nodes and run autoconfig on database tier

      3- rsync happens parallel for the applicaiton tier

      4- Once rsync finishes, we run autoconfig on apps node and run some post clone steps for cleaning up prod info and to set profile options

      5- Release to users


      we can't apply patches on this instance as we don't have adop configured as of now (as patch fs is not setup),   In order to setup patch fs it will take another 4 to 6 hours. As per business requirement , the clone happens daily, so this environment goes down in 20 hours for next clone. Hence 4-6 hours time to configure patch fs for adop to work will not help


      Requirement is --  we want adop to work on this 12.2.4 environment without patch fs. we apply all the patches in hotpatch mode, I assume only Run fs is needed for the patches to be applied in hotpatch.


      Can some one please advice/suggest if we can achieve this without setting up Patch fs. Since the data is very recent on this Pre-Prod it will be great it we can enable the capability to apply patches on this to test any business issues


      Thank you