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    Oracle EBS 12.1 Cloning vs EBS DB refresh

    Naveen sky

      Hi Friends,


      Yesterday my project architect requested me to apply patches in some testing environments.

      As Part of prerequisites i queried ad_applied_patches. I found that all the patches are apllied to the testing environments.


      I know about cloning. If we clone some environments, then all the patches was applied in that environment will be available in target environment.

      But my architect saying that only EBS databases are refreshed from production, no application tier cloned. So we have to apply patches in all testing environment.


      I am not getting what he is saying.

      we can refresh EBS database but

      Is that one will work with existing application tier?

      Is we have to apply patches in the testing environment?


      Could someone please clarify my doubts.



      Naveen kumar