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    Concurrent Manager

    Ibrahim Malek

      Dear friends

      i've just cloned my PROD into the test using the rman backup  the apps was started successfully but some of the concurrent managers still pointing to the old server name & unable to start it

      please advice 


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          Pravin Takpire

          Does your FND_NODES still having values of old/source servers ?

          Please run FND NODES clean up and run autoconfig on both db/apps tier



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            Hi Ibrahim,


            Please perform the following:


              1.  Stop all middle tier services including the concurrent managers.

                     Please make sure that no FNDLIBR, FNDSM, or any dead process is running.


               2.  Stop the database.


               3.  Start the database.


               4.  Connect SQLPLUS as APPS user and run the following :






               5.  Run AutoConfig on all tiers, firstly on the DB tier and then the APPS tiers

               and webtiers to repopulate the required system tables.


               6.  Start the middle tier services including your concurrent manager.


               7.  Retest the issue.